This is the E_TABLE function block type for table-driven generation of a finite train of events as defined in Annex A of IEC 61499-1.
  • The normal_operation sequence illustrates the operation of an instance of this FB type when N=3. The increment operation adds 1 to the iteration count CV, and the computeDelay operation is applied to DT[0], DT[1] and DT[2] respectively at successive iterations.
  • The no_restart sequence illustrates that the occurrence of a START event has no effect during operation of the cycle.
  • The cycle_canceled sequence illustrates the cancellation of the cycle by a STOP event after two iterations.
Test Procedure
  1. Open and run events/E_TABLE in the FBDK.
  2. Enter data for the input variables, for example:
    • DT = [t#1s,t#2s,t#1.5s,t#2s]
    • N = 4
  3. Exercise the FB by clicking on the event inputs.
  4. Use the SERVICE E_TABLE/resource sequences documented at left and below for guidance in testing.

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