As shown in the FB network below, this user interface element utilizes an instance of the N_TBL type to select an output from a comma-separated list of string values (VALUES). The output is selected from the list position corresponding to the position of a string selected from a comma-separated list of string values (KEYS) by an instance of the IN_CHOICE type.

See the CODEC_TEST system configuration for an example of the use of an instance of this type.

Test Procedure
  1. Open and run hmi/CHOICE_TBL in the FBDK.
  2. Enter data for the input variables as shown above.
  3. Click on the INIT event input.
  4. Extend the test window downward to see the initialized drop-down list of keys.
  5. Select one of the keys and verify that the corresponding value appears at the output (in the example above, the key C maps to the value Z).
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