The SEND_AI16/RCV_AI16 panel pair are part of the CODEC_TEST2 system configuration. They utilize instances of IN_ANY and OUT_ANY for input and output of transmitted data, respectively. This data is of the array data type ANALOG_16_INPUT_DATAI as shown at the right.
This is the initial situation before transmission of data. Note that the partial array [1,2,3] to be transmitted is different from the initialized value of [0,1,2,3] in the receiver.
Here is the situation after data transmission has been triggered by pressing the Enter key in the lower left text field (data in the monitor window has been reformatted for easier reading). The array data has been transmitted with an ASN.1 tag of PRIVATE 18 CONSTRUCTED (F2 hexadecimal), with a length of 16 items (0010 hexadecimal), and an item tag of CE (PRIVATE 14) for items of type ANALOG_DATA. Note that the first 5 items for which values are not given in the lower left field are filled with the default value for the first 8 data positions of -4095 (F001 hexadecimal), while the last 8 items are filled with their default values of 4095 (0FFF).
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