The SEND_AI16C/RCV_AI16C panel pair are part of the CODEC_TEST2 system configuration. They utilize instances of IN_ANY and OUT_ANY for input and output of transmitted data, respectively. This data is of the structured data type ANALOG_16_INPUT_CONFIGURATION as shown below.
The ANALOG_16_INPUT_CONFIGURATION type utilizes the enumerated data type ANALOG_SIGNAL_TYPE defined here, the structured data type ANALOG_CHANNEL_CONFIGURATION shown below, and the subrange data type FILTER_PARAMETER, also shown below.
Below is shown the situation after data transmission has been triggered by pressing the Enter key in the lower left text field (data in the monitor window has been reformatted for easier reading). The transmitted data has been constructed from the initial value specification
(MAX_SCALE:= 100, MIN_SCALE:=0)])
Default values are inserted where initial values are not given. Hence, the transmitted values are as shown below, corresponding to the following set of received values:
The ellipsis (...) corresponds to 13 additional default values of the ANALOG_CHANNEL_CONFIGURATION type.
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