The SEND_ARRAY/RCV_ARRAY device pair is part of the CODEC_TEST system configuration, utilizing instances of IN_ARRAY and OUT_ARRAY for input and output of transmitted data, respectively.

In this example, an array (ASN.1 tag of 76 hexadecimal) of 5 elements of UINT type (ASN.1 tag of 47 hexadecimal) is transmitted.

The initial situation before data transmission.
Data transmission is triggered by pressing the Enter key in the text field.
Note that missing elements are filled with the default initial value (0).
The results after transmitting a full array of data.
The results after Entering an extra array element.
The extra data is detected as an error by the IN_ARRAY element and nothing is transmitted.
The results after Entering fewer than N elements.
The newly entered data ( [6,7] ) replaces the first two elements [1,2] of the previously entered data
and is transmitted along with the remaining portions ( [3,4,5] ) of the previously entered data that were not in error.