The SEND_MATRIX/RCV_MATRIX panel pair are part of the CODEC_TEST2 system configuration. They utilize instances of IN_MATRIX and OUT_MATRIX for input and output of transmitted data, respectively. This data is of the derived data type MATRIX.
This is the initial situation before transmission of data.
Here is the situation after data transmission has been triggered by pressing the Enter key in one of the matrix input fields (data in the monitor window has been reformatted for easier reading). The MATRIX data has been transmitted with an ASN.1 tag of APPLICATION 23 CONSTRUCTED (77 hexadecimal), with dimensions of 2 rows by 3 columns. Now the OUT_MATRIX output has arranged itself to conform with the dimensions of the received data.
Data in the MONITOR panel has been formatted to show the column-wise transmission of floating-point data; that is, the data was transmitted in the order
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