The SEND_SUBR/RCV_SUBR panel pair are part of the CODEC_TEST2 system configuration. They utilize instances of IN_ANY and OUT_ANY for input and output of transmitted data, respectively. This data is of the derived subrange data type ANALOG_DATAdocumented at right.
In this example, three values of ANALOG_DATA type have been transmitted with an ASN.1 tag of CD hexadecimal. The transmitted values in decimal (hexadecimal) were 500(01F4), 1024(0400), and 4095(0FFF). An attempt to enter a value of 4096 was detected as being out of range and not transmitted. In continuation of the previous example, a value of -4095(F001) was entered and transmitted, followed by an out-of-range detection for the entered value of -4096.
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